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Featured Artists

Jason Hugger

Jason Hugger


Busted spark plugs, rusted shrapnel and bullet-ridden propane tanks may not sound like muses to many people, but to artist Jason Hugger, such discarded objects inspire surrealistic desert landscape paintings. 

In “Desolate Wind”, what appears to have once been part of a small circuit board now looks like a large structure in a stark, flat patch of land, its diminutive diodes reborn into windows, its small switching transistors turned  into eye-catching embellishments. 

“The Sunbird” is an oil-on-canvas depiction of an old, bent saw blade rendered huge and looming over some smaller, unidentifiable metal bits in an undulating wave of maize-colored desert. There’s a large hole near what would have  been the hilt of the saw blade, emulating an eye, which helps to give the object the appearance of a bird skull. 

In these paintings, as in most of Hugger’s works, the subjects have angles, curves and depth that give them the appearance of animation – sort of like dilapidated architecture dancing in the desert. You could call Hugger’s paintings  “still life,” but it might be more accurate to call them “new life.” 

“The types of objects I select to use as reference for my paintings are usually heavily rusted and broken pieces of metal. Often I am not able to identify them and I find that intriguing,” Hugger says. “Reusing them gives them  a second life and a beauty they may not have originally had as tools or other useful items.”

Hugger started drawing in perspective and realism when he was a teenager and received a scholarship to attend the Columbus College of Art and Design, from which he graduated cum laude in 1995. While he was finishing his college  education in Ohio, he participated in a group show at the 11 East Ashland Gallery in Phoenix, where an exciting local art scene was beginning to emerge. “It was during the spring time and I fell in love with the desert,” Hugger says. “The city of Phoenix was  also very appealing. I drove out to the desert and found the landscape to be surreal. The plants, the cactus, the saguaros – all of it was weird and beautiful to me.”

His bond with the desert deepened while he was stationed in Iraq in 2004 as a member of the Arizona Army National Guard. “The desert was much more desolate than the Sonoran desert, but had a stark beauty of its own,” recalls Hugger,  who lives in Phoenix with his wife. “I made a lot of sketches during my tour and they definitely had an influence in my surreal desert landscapes. I don’t paint cactus in my desert landscapes but they do inform my imagination when I put together a set up for  a still life.” 

Painting is an exploration for Hugger, who uses extremes in scale and perspective and color and light to create drama. “When I paint a still life, I am not just describing the objects in front of me,” he says. “I am also exploring  the scene as if I were going there in person.”

Richard DiGiacomo 

Richard Digiacomo


As a master of his craft, Rich was nationally rated in the top 5 % for his coloration techniques in the faux art industry. He’s worked with celebrities and has been bestowed numerous awards of excellence and has appeared regularly on television and radio.

Once transplanted on Maui Hawaii in 2010, Richard was extremely inspired and ascended to a new level of artistic ability with his newly found metal fused art which is created by the etching of aluminum panels, and color fused with various techniques. Then many coats of automotive clear seals are applied to create depth and movement.

DiGiacomo’s exhilarating passion in life to fuse color and creativity onto metal panels comes from his compassion within to impact lives with new vision and inspiration, as well as impart beauty, amazement and joy into the recipient, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

DiGiacomo’s sole accomplishment and reward for his work, is to see all the smiling faces reflecting back from his work and having the privilege to know that he added joy and inspiration to a human life. 

Pamela Pachmayr

Pamela Pachmayr


Pamela Pachmayr knows she was created to create - she was created by the Creator to be an artist, to co-create with the Spirit’s inspiration. Living within her purpose and passion brings immense joy and fulfillment to her life.

With a professional career as a graphic designer, photographer, photo retoucher, and teacher, Pamela has returned to her love of painting, with a renewed sense of purpose and greater joy. Pamela’s paintings have been selected for shows in Italy, and throughout the US including California, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and currently in Arizona where she now resides and is a member of the Arizona Artists Guild.

Pamela started oil painting at age eleven – art was always her niche and happy place. In college, Pamela received her BFA degree in painting, with a minor in Art History. She received an Art Scholarship, studied abroad for a semester at Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, traveled throughout Europe going from museum to museum, then returned to the US and graduated, culminating with a one-woman show of her artwork.

Pamela has learned transformation and healing can even come from a desert place. One of her consistent themes is blooming where you’re planted. She loves seeing the beautiful buds that bloom in contrast to the sharp cactus needles. Pamela’s faith inspires her, and she sees it all around her in the beauty of nature, reminding her of God’s love and presence. Pamela is inspired by truth, beauty, light, and hope.

“My themes are all based on my relationship with my Creator, my own personal struggles, and inspiration from the Spirit.”

Pamela’s sense of color and light is exquisite, and the textures and layers she creates add to the beauty and uniqueness of her art.

She enjoys connecting with artists around the world as well as locally to build relationships and encourage other artists in their creative endeavors.

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